Episode 4: Designing Public Space – Part 1/2

This month’s episode is part 1 of 2 of a conversation with architect Derek Lee at the Olympic Village – one of his most popular projects. As a principal at PWL Partnership, Derek focuses on innovative place-making and urban design with a view to improving people’s overall health and quality of life.

Episode 3: Feng Shui

In this episode, I sit down with Vancouver’s premier Feng Shui Master and Teacher Marlyna Los to discuss how Feng Shui can play an important role in how we plan communities and cities. Marlyna describes the energies of the City of Vancouver based on its particular geography.

Episode 2: Movement Building

In this episode, I sit down with facilitator and convener Jocelyn Macdougall to talk about how we engage organizations and communities to examine the systems we take for granted. How these systems, often designed to marginalize large groups in our community, can be challenged for the betterment of everyone.

Episode 1: Inclusive Public Spaces

In this very first episode of Happitecture, I discuss city planning initiatives with Senior Public Space Planner at the City of Vancouver – Danielle Wiley. We chat about the city’s mandate to design inclusive public spaces to advance healthy and inclusive public life.